Universities in Ukraine

Bogomolets National Medical University

The University is a leading medical higher educational establishment in Ukraine. The academic base of the University is provided by: 12 faculties, 7 institutes and centers, 78 departments, 30 divisions and laboratories; 1,200 scientists and teachers, among there are 137 full professors, 188 Doctors of Sciences, 341 Assistant professors and 719 PhD; 10 specialized scientific councils defense of DPhil and Ph.D theses due to 21 on scientific specialty; Annually the University receives more than holds inventions, 200 patents approximately on forums, publishes over 50 scientific monographs scientific 60 study guidelines, 30 and magazines and collections of scientific works. There are more than 13,000 students, doctors-interns, residents, masters, post-graduates and persons, working for 1,200 international students at the University. doctor’s degree including Bogomolets National Medical University is recognized worldwide. The graduates from the University work in each fourth country in the world.