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Our Approach

Sairam Institute of Higher Studies (SIHS) was formed to implement vision of Mr Gautam Mitra which is to empower youth by developing a scientific technique to analyze the right bent of mind of them. With this vision collaboration with scholars mojo was done, for development of technical platform. SIHS always believed the necessity of a technical platform for counseling/ assessment and guidance, this platform provides comprehensive report based on technical analysis. With his huge experience in higher education and himself being a seasoned motivator Mr Mitra has taken up the challenge to bring this social change. SIHS presently is taking up school students in urban and rural areas, team SIHS is constantly visiting different schools and explaining the vision and nessicity .

 Sairam Institute of Higher Studies (SIHS) apart from career counseling / assessment has also realized the need to provide correct solution for aspiring student in their respective fields, in this regard SIHS provides single window solution for career guidance in the field of higher education. An aspiring student would be given complete guidance after scientifically analyzing his need, interest, and his bent of mind. As clearly stated in our values SHRADDHA and SABURI we  patiently understand  the requirement or need of any student and then provide solution in accordance to his need. SIHS has a pool of expert mentors in different fields to assist students and to provide them with expert guidance as per their interest.

The job ready work force must be correctly motivated for social development. Our youths are to be provided with correct guidance here there is a scientific way to analyze their interests, find out their expertise and then motivating them to achieve their dreams. This program is equally important for parents which enables them to understand their child’s state of mind rather imposing their own thoughts on them. SIHS is taking up the pain to visit different schools and is successful in making schools understand their benefit, here we feel the analyzation provides correct method where it can be seen that weather the student is interested in Science , Arts or Commerce which will directly reflect on the over all   result of the school.Today’s dynamically changing career landscape has thrown new challenges for students and career professionals. The upside is that as some fields lose their sheen, many new ones explode onto the scene and gain prominence.For a budding career professional and students, however, it is quite a daunting challenge to decide which skill sets would make them an asset in the job-market. This is where a trained and certified Career Counselor can turn out to be an asset.

Meet the Team

Gautam Mitra


An ex-student of R.K. Mission Vidyalaya, Narendrapur Mr. Mitra completed his Masters from Calcutta University with specialization in Economic History. With a rich experience of 35 years in a leading multinational organisation in different senior position in Secretarial, HR and Administration Departments, Mr. Mitra stepped into the arena of higher education abroad since 2010. He specialized in higher education studies in China as Director of The School of Chinese Language and is now engaged in Career Guidance and promotion of Higher education in India as well as in China, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan and a host of other leading countries of the world.

Argha Mukherjee

General Manager

With 8 years experience in education sector, Argha has been an educator. He began in more informal learning environments through outdoor and vivid travelling across the globe, counselling students, admission guidance has been his passion. Opening first skill based education center in Cambodia was hi-lights of his career. At present he as a part of Sairam Institute shall screen the ability of the students through proper scientific counselling and lead them to achieve their best possible destination in their career.

Apurba Adhikari

Manager (Operations)

After completion of his graduation in English Literature from Calcutta University , he was inducted in the area of Higher education in China and he involved himself in developing Chinese language and Culture in Kolkata with The School of Chinese Language. Thereafter he got the opportunity to be the part of the development of Seacom Skills University in 2015. He was also part of UGC , AICTE, PCI inspection of Seacom Skills University. With this experience and development skill , he has come and involved himself in Sairam Institute of Higher Studies with a goal to identify the real need of students through scientific Counselling process and helping them to achieve their dream in future years to come.

Moumita Mahato

Manager (Admissions)

Graduated from S.S.L.N.T Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Dhanbad, Jharkhand and received Miss Botany Award for her Excellency in Botany. Several years of experience in Education sector, she has expertise in the area of Higher education Abroad for student counseling, admission, educational guidance. She strongly believes that hard work and choosing right direction is the only key to Success.


Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Mentor-in-Chief and Advisor, ScholarsMOJO.COM | MindYOG.COM

B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Delhi, MS in Computer Engineering from North Carolina University, with a certification in Business Administration from North Carolina University.

Sanjay started his career with Microsoft and eGain. After working for 3 years in the USA he came back to India to start his entrepreneurial journey by founding companies such Microsec, Firstnet Solutions, Edmiron, Mobinet, and most recently Gozocabs, where he was instrumental in building the company from scratch to a 100 Cr Revenue company within a span of 3 years. Currently Mentor and Advisor for Smojo Solutions.

Mr. Manoj Choudhary

Co-Founder, Director, ScholarsMOJO.COM | MindYOG.COM

With a post graduation in Business Management from ICFAI Business School – Manoj began his career in the field of education. With a string of startups to his credit which were eventually acquired – he eventually worked for 6 years heading one of the largest locations of India’s biggest and most reputed test prep company in Kolkata.

He has been instrumental in founding ScholarsMOJO.COM along with Mr.Sanjay Kumar. ScholarsMOJO in a short span of seven months has become a force to be reckoned in the field of Career Guidance, Career Counselling, Career Assessment and Career Planning. ScholarsMOJO has already become the go to destination for students and professionals seeking the best career advice in East India – with students from Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha and North East flocking to them for career advice. Recently, along with Ms. Swati Agarwal, ScholarsMOJO added another feather in their cap by founding MindYOG.COM – the psychological wellness arm of 
SMOJO Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Swati Agarwal

Head – Clinical Psychology, Co-Founder – MindYOG.COM

Swati did her Bachelors and Masters in Clinical Psychology from Rajasthan University and being a Gold Medallist in the process. She further went on to complete her M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology from Amity University which is approved by the RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India). She is also a certified Hypnotherapist. Her major areas of specialization are Clinical Psychology, Child Psychology and Health Psychology.

During the course of her 3 years in practice she has treated various people with complaints of depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, marital discord or disharmony, substance and mobile addiction, grief counselling, premarital therapy, obsessive compulsive disorder, dissociative disorder, personality issues, dependency issues, trust issues, inferiority complex, and much more.

Specialized in end to end Career Guidance Services right from Career Assessment, Career Counseling, Stream Selection, Subject Selection and College Selection based on a whole range of factors which will ultimately be the most important decision that a student will have to make in his/her life.