We shall touch the lives of every family, through our program of Career assessment, Career counselling and Career guidance of their children and thereby pave the way to create successful experts in every sphere of life and be an important part of Nation building enterprise.


To be the most-preferred Career guidance and Higher educational Institute, striving to make professionals with optimum job-satisfaction. We shall locate the real hidden talent in every child and guide them to achieve the best in their lives.


Shraddha ( RESPECT ) – to listen,acknowledge and appreciate

Saburi ( PATIENCE ) – to follow only the fair method to reach the Goal


In Eastern India, there was always a need for an organization which will truly help and guide not only the students planning to pursue higher education in India and abroad but also assist the parents in the selection process to ensure their financial planning. Our high end technology-driven Career Assessment Platform (CPA), has been created by expert psychologists and doctoral fellows with decades of experience, which is specifically designed for Indian students and customized to look into every student’s profile with a 360 degree microscopic view rather than a standardized method. This Advanced career assessment tool is designed to help students from Class 7 onwards to choose their subjects/ streams.

Sairam Institute of Higher Studies a not-for-profit organization with its vision to reach every family and help every student to achieve what he dreams, SIHS has taken up this challenge to reach maximum students possible with its only aim to bring a social change – a change which will be triggered by every adolescent girl and boy through their aptitude and talent within themselves. This scientifically-designed  assessment platform shall not only be helpful for aspiring students to know the strength and weakness within himself (‘KNOW THYSELF’), but also it would make parents, guardians and teachers aware of the mental status and the ‘right’ bent of mind of their children. SIHS believes and is ready to take on responsibility  to motivate and show correct direction to the  young upcoming work force of India who will be ‘Happily and Meaningfully employed’ in their own area of strength and choice. The target is to ensure that no one, especially any adolescent girl or any socially, financially, physically challenged youth, whether in urban or in rural area, is left behind.

The ‘Logic’ is simple. The future work-force will be highly motivated and will deliver their best, ONLY IF, they are working for what they really want to do from the core of their heart. This, in turn, will generate maximum output in every sphere of life and would create wealth for the Nation automatically !

We at SIHS, therefore, are striving to put the ‘Horse before the Cart’ and ensure that we judge and assess the aptitude and the right bent of mind of an adolescent girl or a boy ‘BEFORE’ selection of his subjects or stream or his future career path !

sairam cycle which help in career growth

What SIHS Does?

  • Career Assessment
  • Career Counselling
  • Career Guidance
  • Arrange admission in Colleges / Universities in India and abroad for Medical,Engineering,Management,Humanities ,Agriculture and Fine-arts
  • Scholarship and Loan Facilities (Full / Part) for eligible student
  • Complete entire process of admission and guidance/ assistance in Placement and/or further Higher education

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